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The TurfPro USA Difference

Let us take a look at TurfPro USA and what makes it different from other soil amendments and inoculants on the market.

TurfPro USA products are not fertilizer, but a unique blend of soil conditioner, inoculants and nutrient converter from a rare, ancient humus deposit. It has proven effective for agriculture, horticulture and pollution control.  They come from a single deposit found in the southeastern USA. It is a surface deposit that has never been hardened, so it has not been subjected to heat or chemicals that kill biology like most Humate products on the market.  A natural depression was formed in the ground and it filled up with organic material.  Laboratory test have shown that it is over 94% organic material with the rest being plant available trace elements.  Of the 94% organic matter over 67% of it is Humic acid.  The plant available trace elements include Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Boron, Copper and Sulfur.  The other thing that it has that coal derived Humates do not is lignin which naturally helps the soil hold moisture.

All of our products were developed in partnership with the US EPA and their carry the “Design for the Environment” Seal ( ). All of our agricultural products are verified to meet USDA standards for organic growing.  They also meet Canadian, Japanese and UAE organic standards.

Our manufacturing process begins by clearing the surface brush from the area.  We then remove the top few inches of material.  The material is then put through a number of screens to remove any roots or other debris and to size for the dry product. This is the extent of processing our dry product receives.  It is totally natural as it comes out of the ground.  No grinding, heat or chemicals used in the process so it is 100% naturally organic and because of the low amount of hydrocarbon fuel used in processing the result is a very green product.

Because the deposit has never been overburdened or subjected to modern day pollution and runoff, it is a mixture of available elements and very light in heavy metals.  The pre-ice age organic material has a wide range of beneficial elements that are in a form that soil biology and plant roots can easily work with.  Many products are adding ground rock for trace elements that are very difficult for soil biology and plants to change into a form plants can use.

Our liquid products are all formed using a cold water extraction process that preserves its unique and valuable micro-biology and give you a highly concentrated liquid for use in all types of applicators.

The TurfPro USA difference:

v    All natural from a single source.

v    Contains one of the highest levels of Humic acid at 67.7%.

v    Contains many of the trace elements that plants need in a form that is readily available to plants.

v    Contains a wide range of beneficial plant biology that work with plants to provide food and to control diseases.

v    Contains lignin which can hold many times its weight in water and will hold elements to so they stay in the plant root zone longer.

v    Naturally Green. Our mining and processing is minimal so our products come to you having used very small amounts of hydrocarbon fuel.

v    All products are E coli free.

v    All products are safe to use around children, pets, and wildlife.

v    Shelf life is two years or more if not subjected to excessive heat.

Make a difference in your environment, buy Green, go Organic!

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