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TurfPro USA – The AgriPro Advantage

The natural 100% organic three use addition for your plants

 Soil Inoculant  –  Soil Amendment  –  Soil Conditioner


Let us take a look at TurfPro USA’s base product. AgriPro is the all natural dry product as it comes from our unique deposit of ‘Ancient Humus’. The only processing is the screening it gets to remove any debris.

It is shipped to nurseries to add into their potting mix to enhance plant and root growth while providing protection against a number of diseases.

TurfPro on Potted Hydrangea

Potted Hydrangea

 Left – 10% Canadian Peat and 90% Bark                Right- 10% Canadian Peat, 88% Bark and 2% AgriPro

  • Farmers are using it in planting holes to help spread roots faster, as side dressing for row plants and as a general top dressing in fields.

Agripro provides one of the highest levels of Humic acid on the market at over 67%. AgriPro provides many of the minor and trace elements that plants need for healthy growth in a form that they can readily use. AgriPro has a wide range of natural beneficial soil biology including mycorrhizal fungi and symbiotic bacteria that work with plants in many ways from providing them food and help inhibit diseases (Most of your Humates are made from coal and have no natural biology). Agripro contains lignin a substance that can lock up chemicals to where they can be broken down into simpler forms and lignin can store large quantities of water for plant and soil biology use.

Benefits of Soil Organic Matter: (Soil Conditioners) Soil organic matter is the storehouse for the energy and nutrients used by plants and other organisms. AgriPro provides bacteria, fungi, and other soil biology that transforms and release nutrients from organic matter. Organic matter helps soil hold moisture and opens it up to let air into the soil.

Nutrient Cycling: (Soil Amendments) Plants need nutrients from the soil to grow, just like people need food. Soil nutrients mostly come from the breakdown of mineral-bearing rocks and from organic matter, which comes from the decomposition of plants and animals. The nutrients that plants get from the soil are stored in all plant tissues, such as leaves, stems and flowers. When these tissues fall to the ground they start to break down, and together with decomposing dead insects, dead animals and animal feces, they are eventually re-incorporated into the soil by rainfall and earthworms. There, the organic matter is further broken down and slowly transformed to become nutrients that are available to growing plants (and the cycle continues). AgriPro provides many of the nutrients that plants need plus the beneficial soil biology that work with the plants roots to get then into the plant in a form the plant can use.

Soil Biology: (Soil Inoculants) Soil biology is what makes the whole soil system work. It breaks down organic material, provides nutrients to plants in a form they can use, it can prevent diseases and stores water for plant use. AgriPro furnishes beneficial soil Biology such as mycorrhizal fungi can extend the area that plants can obtain both moisture and nutrients from by many times in both width and depth. AgriPro also provides symbiotic bacteria that change nutrients such as nitrogen into a form plants can use.

AgriPro is not fertilizer, but a unique blend of soil conditioner, inoculants and nutrient converter from a rare, ancient humus deposit. It has proven effective for agriculture, horticulture and pollution control. It comes from a single deposit found in the southeastern USA. It is a surface deposit that has never been hardened, so it has not been subjected to heat or chemicals that kill biology like most Humate products on the market. A natural depression was formed in the ground and it filled up with organic material. Laboratory test have shown that it is over 94% organic material with the rest being plant available trace elements. Of the 94% organic matter over 67% of it is Humic acid. The plant available trace elements include Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Boron, Copper and Sulfur. The other thing that AgriPro has that coal derived Humates do not is lignin which naturally helps the soil hold moisture and it can contain chemicals so they can be broken down before entering the eco system.

AgriPro is 100% organic.  All of our agricultural products are verified to meet WSDA standards for organic growing.

Our manufacturing process begins by clearing the surface brush from the area. We then remove the top few inches of material. The material is then put through a number of screens to remove any roots or other debris and to size for the dry product. This is the extent of processing our dry product receives. It is totally natural as it comes out of the ground. No grinding, heat or chemicals used in the process so it is 100% naturally organic and because of the low amount of hydrocarbon fuel used in its making a very green product.

Because the deposit has never been overburdened or subjected to modern day pollution runoff it mixture of available elements are very light in heavy metals. The pre-ice age organic material has a wide range of beneficial elements in it that are in a form that soil biology and plant roots can easily work with. Many products are adding ground rock for trace elements that are very difficult for soil biology and plants to change into a form plants can use.

Our liquid products all formed using a cold water extraction process that preserves its unique and valuable micro-biology and give you a highly concentrated liquid for use in all types of applicator.

The TurfPro USA difference:

v    All natural from a single source.

v    Contains one of the highest levels of Humic acid at 67.7%.

v    Contains many of the trace elements that plants need in a form that is readily available to plants.

v    Contains a wide range of beneficial plant biology such as mycorrhizal fungi and symbiotic bacteria that work with plants to provide the plants with food and to control diseases.

v    Contains lignin which can hold many times it weight in water to and will hold elements to where they stay in the plant root zone longer.

v    Naturally Green. Our mining and processing is minimal so our products come to you having used very small amounts of hydrocarbon fuel.

v    All products are E coli free.

v    All products are safe to use around children, pets, and wildlife.

v    Shelf life is two years or more if not subjected to excessive heat.

Make a difference in your environment, buy Green, go Organic!


Available in 2, 5 and 40 pound bags.

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Want to add fresh greens and fantastic fresh tastes to your off season cooking? MicroGreens are the way to go!

What are MicroGreens?

Microgreens are young edible greens produced from the seeds of vegetables, herbs or other plants. Unlike sprouts which are grown in water and you consume the roots, microgreens are grown in soil and you consume the new tender leaves. They have more developed flavor, color and texture than sprouts. Microgreens have great flavor even at their small size, though not as strong as mature greens and herbs.

A microgreen consists of a central stem having two fully developed cotyledon leaves (the leaves that first show on a plant), and usually one pair of the plant’s true leaves. They can range in size from 1″ in height for some lettuce to the extremely tiny leaves of mint.  An average size and leaf configuration for a microgreen such as basil is about 1-1 1/2″ in height, having the cotyledon leaves and one set of small true leaves.

They are easy to grow indoors in any weather, take up very little space and in most cases you can start harvesting in 10 to 15 days depending on what you decide to grow.  The short growth span makes it possible to produce microgreens on the darkest winter windowsill. Those of you with no experience can easily grow microgreens because the plants only need to be kept alive for a few weeks and most of the growing needs are within the seed. Don’t worry if they grow a little leggy in the process, it does not hurt the flavor.

Nutritional info:
Vitamins A, B, C, E and K
Calcium, Chlorophyll, Iron, Lecithin, Magnesium, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus, Potassium
Amino Acids
Trace Elements
Protein: up to 30%

We recommend using organic growing techniques.

Here is the list of things that you will need:

  1. A container (can be most any material) that is at least 4 inches deep with or without drainage holes in the bottom. Size will depend on how much you plan to grow.
  2. A tray that is bigger than the container, if you are using one with drainage, so it will contain any water overflow. We like to use small rocks or in it to hold the bottom of the tray up for good drainage.
  3. A flat, smooth piece of wood of other material that will fit into the container so you can press the potting mix flat.
  4. Natural unbleached paper towels or coffee filters.
  5. A spray bottle with a misting type head, this can be the small cup size if you are growing just a single container.
  6. A clear piece of plastic a little larger than the container to put on top to give the seeds a micro greenhouse atmosphere.
  7. A bag of organic potting mix. Many garden centers now carry organic products.
  8. We prefer organic seeds that we get online from seed companies like Johnny Seeds, but you can get regular seeds for most garden centers.
  9. A small container to put the seeds in for soaking.
  10. Turf & Garden Pro to mix with water for soaking seeds for faster and better germination.

Stage 1:

Preparation Stage:

Fill your container with your organic potting mix. Take the block of wood or other material you have selected and press the soil down to where it is level and firm but not too tightly packed.  Spread you seeds evenly as possible on top of the potting mixtures surface.  If you are using very small seeds it helps to mix them with a small amount of sand so the will spread more evenly.  Take your spray bottle and mix 1 teaspoon of Turf & Garden Pro for every cup of water. Spray the surface of the potting mixture so it is just moist. The Turf & Garden Pro speeds germination and give the seeds needed nutrient and beneficial soil biology for stronger growth.  The water you use does make a difference.  We collect and use rainwater but any good clean water is OK.  If you are using city water that is chlorinated put is in an open container overnight so the chlorine will dissipate.

Stage 2:

Seed Germination Stage:

It may take a couple times to get the right amount of seeds for the container you are using. You can get too many so do not completely cover the surface with seeds.

Next cover the inside of the container evenly with the unbleached paper towels or coffee filters so it lays flat on top of the potting soil.  Use the spray bottle to wet the paper towels until are they are moist.  Place the clear plastic cover over the container to create your mini-greenhouse. Mist the paper towels daily till the seeds geminate always putting the clear plastic back in place.

Stage 3:

Growth Stage:

After the seeds have sprouted into the two-leaf stage, carefully remove the paper towel and remove the cover so they get plenty of light and air. Keep the potting mix moist using the Turf & Garden Pro mix you have in your spray bottle.

We have used the leaves from the two-leaf stage up to five or six, and have found them very tasty and high in nutrients.  This is a great way to have fresh greens for salads and cooking year around. There are a number of sites with information about all of the greens that you can grow and the different taste effects you can come up with in your cooking.

Other sites to look at for microgreens:

If you need further information write me at .